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Summit Lawn & Tree Care is a professional lawn and tree service company servicing Pinellas county since 2001.  As a owner-operated company, we take the time to ensure the beauty of your property is maximized through proper care, attention to detail and communication.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide customers with integrated lawn maintenance services that encompass all of the aspects in necessary in the proper maintenance of a beautiful property.  By incorporating industry best practices, we integrate all services needed for the Florida landscape and ensure our properties maintain a healthy, lush, green appearance all year.



Our Lawn Service division provides commercial lawn maintenance to condominiums, townhomes, multifamily properties and larger residential estates.  We offer total property maintenance packages and individualized consultation services to ensure the unique needs of your property and residents are met. 


Our Tree Service division is managed by a ISA Certified Arborist (R) trained with the industry's best practices who handles your tree service needs professionally and with the utmost regard to safety. 


With over 20 years in the industry, Summit Lawn & Tree Care offers you the experience and knowledge necessary to keep your Florida landscape green and beautiful.   Call us today for a complimentary consultation, we look forward to serving you!


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